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Sinai J's research team conducts weekly FDA Inquiries throughout the year to ensure our products are safe and healthy. We use Organic Certified ingredients, Antioxidents, and active ingredients that go into the hair shaft to repair and restore the natural look of your hair.

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Hi my name is Tina Heard Andrews, a mother of three. I am a licensed Cosmetologist of 20 years. I have worked with all hair types throughout the years. In 2006 I started researching how to create healthy hair products that I could assure my clients would work for their hair.

In 2007 I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Before he was born, I was told that there would be serious health issues with him and that he would be Down Syndrome or possibly not surrive the birth. Thanks to God he arrived in good health, and yes he is Down Syndrome.

I had been working on putting formulas together during that time. The year Sinai was born it all started coming together, so I named the product after him (Sinai James). Hair care is very important to me. Beautiful hair styles are what we all want, but in order to have beautifully styled hair, you will first need healthy hair.

I have done most of my formulating on self-taught. I have taken a cosmectic science course to enhance my skills. I am now married with a beautiful supportive husband and God on my side, so there is no turning back for me. I have so much more I will be bringing to the beauty industry.

In 2007, Sinai James Product was in a year of "Survival". As of 2013, Sinai James Product has declare this to be the year of "Arrival". Our story begins with the evolution of an innovative hair line product that includes, Shampoo's/Conditioners/Thermal Oil, and other Hair & Body care products that is safe and successful. Tina Heard Andrews the Designer of Sinai James Products bring to the hair care & beauty industry over 19 years of experience, with a primary focus on providing excellent customer service. Our product base is derived from a concept of working with various hair types and clients. With this newly developed product line "Sinai James Product" will surely bring the meaning of "Loving Your Hair" to reality.

Our Mission