• Tina Andrews

Love your Hair like you Love yourself

Updated: Feb 6

Lets stay true to ourselves. Question? are we more concern on how our hairstyle looks or how healthy our hair is? We have to take care of our hair just like we take care of our body. What does that consist of? Well just as you eat or suppose to eat healthy food with all the right ingredients, the same for your hair. We clean our body with a good body wash that does not irritate our skin or leave it dry. After we apply body cream to our body to condition the skin so it moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling soft. The same thing goes for your hair. You use a good shampoo with the right ingredients to cleanse your hair that does not irritate your scalp, and leaves your hair feeling manageable. After you apply a good conditioner to your hair to moisturize, detangle, and help hair become more manageable. This has to become a routine. We should not wait to have health problems to eat and drink the right things. The same goes for your hair, don't wait until it is damaged to show love and care for it.

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